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Louisiana incarcerates more people than any other state in America! Currently 34,000 people are in our prisons/local jails. Approximately 60% of these parents have children age 10 or younger. Each year 15,000 people return back to local communities from our prisons and local jails. These Moms, Dads, Vets and Young Adults have an enormous challenge of obtaining employment and housing as they reunite with their families. For this reason Re-Entry Solutions for Louisiana was formed in April of 2010.

We are a not for profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that is recognized by the IRS. We are governed by a group of diverse christian professionals from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. We currently operate on volunteers and donations from individuals, groups, and businesses.

Statistics shows that persons with a strong support system employment and a strong spiritual base are less likely to return to prison. Re-Entry Solutions focus on ensuring these three components are a constant for our members.

Our three primary areas of focus are:

1.) Employment

2.) Housing

3.) Restoration of the human spirit with family preservations for our members.

 Our name says it all, “Were about providing solution for persons."                                

                                    MISSION STATEMENT

“To unite with existing community resources, and develop needed resources to ensure the needs of our returning citizens and U.S. Veterans are met to “Break the Cycle of Return to Prions/ Jail.”

Re - Entering into local communities after release from local jails, prisons, or return from service in our armed forces.

Incarceration history is required for memership and services at Re-entry Solutions.  A membership application must be completed and required registration fee of $5.00 must be received.  Membership is also extended to presons who are currently incarcerated.